Friday, 14 July 2017

July 2017

27/7/17. Verti cutting greens on Hawkshill.
27/7/17. Double pass on greens .
15/7/17. New weather station now up and running , ready to monitor and store useful information .
27/7/17 . Verti cutting helps to aid vertical growth of grass , cutting of horizontal blades of grass , removes seed heads  . this will help speed up greens , and creates a smoother putting surface .
27/7/17. Brushing greens will lift up any seed heads and grass that was missed by verti cutting .

27/7/17. After brushing Greens , they were cut again .
31/7/17. Terraspiking greens on Hawkshill . 8mm solid tines going in at 72 depth .

31.7.17, This Aeration work is vitally important in keeping grass healthy, promoting better root development , better drainage , and airing the rootzone .

31.7/17. To check the working depth of the  machine , we use a tie wrap which inserted into the  tine hole gives us a measurement , then we put it up against the depth sticker on the machine.

31/7/17. Topdressing greens . 
31/7/17. Brushing in the Topdressing. .

31/7/17. Checking depth with a tie wrap.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

June 2017

12/6/17. Recent get together of the YGC (young greenkeepers committee).at Gleneagles in Perth. . Dennis Grant ( Assistant Greenkeeper  here at  Newmachar gc) has  joined the committee to help promote young Greenkeepers in Scotland  . Their aim is to help better the educational development and training of all young Greenkeepers .

BIGGA SCOTLAND ( British & International  Golf Greenkeepers Association)   has  a web page if anyone wants to see what is happening  within our area . Our section is under the North Section. web address is
13/6/17 .Our club van has now got the new club logo put  on .

13/6/17 . The panel sides are available for business advertisement . The van would be left in car park in full view to promote your business . If interested please contact office for further details.


23/6/17. Greens on Hawkshill getting a double freaky hand cut for the weekend .

23/6/17. Course shaping up for Club Championships at the weekend , Good luck to all Members . Play well .

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

May course maintenance

23/5/17. Hawkshill course looking good in the sunshine today .

23/5/17. 18th green Hawkshill  , Grass filling in nicely .

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May 2017

3/517. Out with the flail mower cutting secondary rough . Fine day for it.

9/5/17. Fertiliser being applied to the greens on hawkshill., Also Driving range getting sprayed with selective weed killer to kill off  the daisies .
9/5/17.  Spraying  on the Driving range .
16/5/17. New putting green pins have been put out , They look good.
17/5/17. Swans at the 1st pond have now got 4 cygnets so please be cautious when going around pond . Don't get too close !
16/5/17. We have a robotic mower cutting around an area at the club (behind 18th green) This was given to us by John Deere for a free shot of for the season ( we are the only club in the northeast to have it), If anyone would like to know more about this mower please contact the office .
18/5/17. Double pass over greens with thatch away reels .
18/5/17. Thatch away reels going over greens cutting seed heads off the meadow grass .
2/5/17. 12th tee on Hawkshill has been getting  rolled and cut twice now and is looking good . Top dressing this week and a granular fertiliser to be applied .

No more Preferred lies on fairways from 1st May

Thursday, 20 April 2017

April 2017 Spring Maintenance

25/4/17. High winds and hail storms took its toll  on the Birch tree at the corner of the 2nd hole on Hawkshill . Due to excessive ball damage on the tree it caused a weak point within a limb which resulted in the break . a birch tree is a soft wood tree which means when golf balls hit the outer bark ( the productive layer) it damages it causing die back on that area. 
25/4/17. Hail and some snow fell on the course ,but greens still stayed clear due to wetting agent being applied .

20/4/17. New blower out clearing scarifying debris off the tees. Now all ready for a cut to tidy up the look of the tees . Fertiliser will be applied soon to get the colour back and some much needed growth.

20/4/17. Scarifying tees to take out moss , debris and dead grass .

Friday, 31 March 2017

April 2017

1/4/17. Please Repair Pitch marks and rake bunkers , repairing pitch marks will help to keep a smoother putting surface and help damaged grass to recover quicker. Raking bunkers after use by pushing sand back over tracks as you come out of the bunker (don't rake the sand with you ) , this helps keep the sand from building up at edges . Keeping bunkers raked will help the next player if they land in the bunker (nothing worse than landing in unraked tracks) .  
This is a video showing the correct way to rake a bunker , please can you use this technique when out on the courses please. Thank you , this helps other members and the Greenstaff  ;-) . If you stay on the link you will move onto other key videos regarding a golf course , like repairing your pitch marks .
3/4/17. A big thank you to all the volunteers who done a fantastic job over the weekend by cleaning around clubhouse, shoe cleaner ,buggies and bins , picking up balls on the range and spot raking bunkers on swailend for medal . They deserve a mention , so thank you to Manson Merchant, Mike Macleod , Paul Henderson and Andrew Chan .

3/4/17. Steps at the 12th hole on  Swailend needed some attention.

3/4/17. So now they have  been sorted .

8/4/17. Both sets of steps have been sorted at the 12th tees on Swailend and new anti slip grip cladding been put on . 

8/4/17. Swailend 4th tees getting a good water .
A big thank you to the two volunteers over the last 2 weekends . Graham Gordon for cleaning around the clubhouse on Sunday the 9th and Mike Macleod for picking up balls on the range on Sunday 16th .

Friday, 24 March 2017

Winter work March

22/3/17. Turf getting laid down on the 12th tee on Hawkshill.

24/3/17. Turf getting laid on the 4th tee on Swailend .

22/3/17. Hawkshill 12th tee. Bankings getting turfed .
27/3/17. Hawkshill 12th tee looking good ,

29/3/17 . First Medal hole change of the year. Greens are looking good . Topdressing of greens will commence next week from Monday the 3rd of April, which will help smooth out the surfaces .
29/3/17. Tee board signage getting re-cemented in at 9th tees Hawkshill.. Also the four tees at the 9th have been all topdressed.

30/3/17. Course looking good when grass starts to get a decent cut .

30/3/17. Drainage lateral extended at the 8th hole on Swailend .

Friday, 17 March 2017

March winter work

17/3/17. Blocked drain between the 1st green and pond on Hawkshill. Problem was identified by the two bunkers at green  being full of water  . Pipe that goes into pond was checked with drain rods to discover a blockage . so immediate action was taken to fix it.

17/3/17, Water bubbling out from drainage stones.

17/3/17. Water was coming into the hole so quick we had to pump water out to inspect fault . The pipe was blocked and blockage cleared. We now just need to fix pipe connection and fill the hole up and re turf .
20/3/17. Drain at 18th on Swailend  in rough had to get sorted as a stone drain collapsed . New lateral was also put in to catch water along tree edge.

20/3/17 . New terra spike machine out giving Swailend greens a decent aerate to relieve compaction in the rootzone .