Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May 2017

3/517. Out with the flail mower cutting secondary rough . Fine day for it.

9/5/17. Fertiliser being applied to the greens on hawkshill., Also Driving range getting sprayed with selective weed killer to kill off  the daisies .
9/5/17.  Spraying  on the Driving range .
16/5/17. New putting green pins have been put out , They look good.
17/5/17. Swans at the 1st pond have now got 4 cygnets so please be cautious when going around pond . Don't get too close !
16/5/17. We have a robotic mower cutting around an area at the club (behind 18th green) This was given to us by John Deere for a free shot of for the season ( we are the only club in the northeast to have it), If anyone would like to know more about this mower please contact the office .
18/5/17. Double pass over greens with thatch away reels .
18/5/17. Thatch away reels going over greens cutting seed heads off the meadow grass .
2/5/17. 12th tee on Hawkshill has been getting  rolled and cut twice now and is looking good . Top dressing this week and a granular fertiliser to be applied .

No more Preferred lies on fairways from 1st May

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