Tuesday, 19 September 2017

September cont...

14/9/17. Trees at the 1st  getting thinned out , this will help make better viewing from clubhouse of the 1st hole


19/9/17. View from the  putting green. It has fairly opened up the hole.
19/9/17. Squirrel box on tree next to club , lets hope we get a few to use it  .
22/9/17. The rain gauge doesn't seem to stop mounting up . Now sitting at 233.9mm of rain since start of August.

Monday, 4 September 2017

September 2017

10/9/17 .All worth it in the end to see the local team pull through to win this title . well played lads .
Some nice comments from the players.
8/9/17. Both courses were getting used on Friday and tee off 7.30am so meant 5am starts .

8/9/17, Early morning for the staff on Friday , just as well we had both lights on .
10/9/17, Great week just a pity the rain tried to spoil the week.
4/9/17. Scottish area team championships this week . Hopefully weather plays ball .Courses were looking good at the weekend with greens running very nice .

8/9/17. Being a Greenkeeper does have some perks :-) . Beautiful skies this morning.

12/9/17 . Double scarification of the greens on Swailend .

12/9/17. This will help remove any thatch that's built up and cuts open any moss that is visible .

13/0/17, Weather station rain gauge this morning at 9am . This is the rain fall since start of August when the Weather station was set up. 185mm of rain ( 7 and a 1/2 inches of rain +.

14/9/17. No end to the rain at present . This was at 9am 
14/9/17. This is the 15th fairway on Swailend .

19/9/17. Rain gauge  shows 216.7mm of rain from start of August (when weather station was installed) to now. That's a serious amount of rain .

Friday, 14 July 2017

August 2017

21/8/17 6th hole on Hawkshill looking very smart , Heather on the hill starting to flourish with purple flowers.  

28/8/17 Spiked the 12th tee on Hawkshill down to the depth of the drainage carpet 8" .  Then unfortunately someone with a buggy spoiled the look of the tee. The tee has now been topdressed , overseeded and brushed. Along with this tee 14,15 and 16th were also done .

July 2017

27/7/17. Verti cutting greens on Hawkshill.
27/7/17. Double pass on greens .
15/7/17. New weather station now up and running , ready to monitor and store useful information .
27/7/17 . Verti cutting helps to aid vertical growth of grass , cutting of horizontal blades of grass , removes seed heads  . this will help speed up greens , and creates a smoother putting surface .
27/7/17. Brushing greens will lift up any seed heads and grass that was missed by verti cutting .

27/7/17. After brushing Greens , they were cut again .
31/7/17. Terraspiking greens on Hawkshill . 8mm solid tines going in at 72 depth .

31.7.17, This Aeration work is vitally important in keeping grass healthy, promoting better root development , better drainage , and airing the rootzone .

31.7/17. To check the working depth of the  machine , we use a tie wrap which inserted into the  tine hole gives us a measurement , then we put it up against the depth sticker on the machine.

31/7/17. Topdressing greens . 
31/7/17. Brushing in the Topdressing. .

31/7/17. Checking depth with a tie wrap.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

June 2017

12/6/17. Recent get together of the YGC (young greenkeepers committee).at Gleneagles in Perth. . Dennis Grant ( Assistant Greenkeeper  here at  Newmachar gc) has  joined the committee to help promote young Greenkeepers in Scotland  . Their aim is to help better the educational development and training of all young Greenkeepers .

BIGGA SCOTLAND ( British & International  Golf Greenkeepers Association)   has  a web page if anyone wants to see what is happening  within our area . Our section is under the North Section. web address is www.biggascottishregion.com.
13/6/17 .Our club van has now got the new club logo put  on .

13/6/17 . The panel sides are available for business advertisement . The van would be left in car park in full view to promote your business . If interested please contact office for further details.


23/6/17. Greens on Hawkshill getting a double freaky hand cut for the weekend .

23/6/17. Course shaping up for Club Championships at the weekend , Good luck to all Members . Play well .

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

May course maintenance

23/5/17. Hawkshill course looking good in the sunshine today .

23/5/17. 18th green Hawkshill  , Grass filling in nicely .

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May 2017

3/517. Out with the flail mower cutting secondary rough . Fine day for it.

9/5/17. Fertiliser being applied to the greens on hawkshill., Also Driving range getting sprayed with selective weed killer to kill off  the daisies .
9/5/17.  Spraying  on the Driving range .
16/5/17. New putting green pins have been put out , They look good.
17/5/17. Swans at the 1st pond have now got 4 cygnets so please be cautious when going around pond . Don't get too close !
16/5/17. We have a robotic mower cutting around an area at the club (behind 18th green) This was given to us by John Deere for a free shot of for the season ( we are the only club in the northeast to have it), If anyone would like to know more about this mower please contact the office .
18/5/17. Double pass over greens with thatch away reels .
18/5/17. Thatch away reels going over greens cutting seed heads off the meadow grass .
2/5/17. 12th tee on Hawkshill has been getting  rolled and cut twice now and is looking good . Top dressing this week and a granular fertiliser to be applied .

No more Preferred lies on fairways from 1st May