Friday, 2 March 2018

March 2018

7/3/18. Rutting on path at the 9th due to the flooding.
7/3/18. Not what you like to see in March .

9/3/18. Reinforced wall getting built at the 5th tee wall.Stones get built in front of this.
9/3/18. This is a fair job . Shutters going in for the cement foundation.

12/3/18. Foundation now in.

22/3/18. Good to see wall at 9th finished .
6/3/18. Not the best start to March , This bad Winter has definitely had an impact on our Maintenance program .
1/3/18. Digging drain up right of the 16th hole on Hawkshill. 

1/3/18. This drain is 130mts  long .

Friday, 9 February 2018

February 2018

23/2/18. Pump in to take out water from pond at the 9th Hawkshill. 

23/2/18. The collapsed wall can be seen in the distance . Builder due in on Monday the 26th , so just getting ahead of the game .

21/2/18. Staff hard at it working on the drains at the 18th hole on Swailend .
22/2/18. Satff are working on the fairway area first.
22/2/18. Edging the drains , then soil/sand mix put down and finally turf laid on top .
15/2/18. 11th Green on Hawkshill . Not what I like to see in mid February with thick ice lying on a green .With ground  frozen underneath and  then the rain freezing on the top of that it creates this picture  . all I can say to this is roll on the Summer.

5/2/18. Drains at the 15th and 16th on Swailend have now all  been edged .

6/2/18. Staff have now edged all drains at the 15th on Swailend and put on top a 40mm covering of a sand soil mix , so now all ready for turfing . This will mean when main greens go on this hole is back in play.

5/2/18. The ground was difficult to dig through at times but we go there  .

5/2/18. Digger now at the 2nd on Hawkshill . This is at the corner of dogleg . We found a damaged pipe which was holding the water back in this area , it has now been fixed and now we are extending drain to the start of the fairway and putting in 4 laterals as well. 

1/2/18. This is the 15th on Swailend . Staff are in the process of piping drains and then backfilling them with 20mm stones.

Friday, 12 January 2018

January 2018

10/1/18. First of all the Greenstaff would like to wish all the members a Happy New Year and hope you all have a good season .
This is our first Drainage job this Winter it is the 18th fairway on Swailend . 

11/1/18. First we cleared a gap in the tress then set about the task with a 6 ton digger hired in from PTM plant hire.

11/1/18. We removed the turf from the surface ,then we dug out the first 10 inches of soil which we can reuse . Then subsoil is taken out to the required depth and run of the drain. We use the laser level to work this out .
12/1/18. We are steadily working along track which started at the 11th path.
12/1/18. As we work along the drain , the staff lay 2 inches of 10mm pea crete along the bottom of track to form a gravel bed in which to lay the pipes on .
16/1/18. Drainage works on the 18th hole . As you can see we have most of the laterals done now , the main drain has been taking slightly longer to do due to the collapsing of sides , this was because the frost was coming out of the ground and there was blue clay. Some clearing up to do in some areas especially in the trees as was difficult to get to with stones. . Length of all drains was 590m .
23/1/18. 15th Approach on Swailend getting the works , 16 lateral drains linked into main drain . This area for years has been extremely wet , but not anymore. Total metres of drains was 280m

30/1/18. We are now working at the 16th Fairway on Swailend , as you can see from picture there was some big stones in the way. 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

December 2017

13/12/17, Not a lot happening on the courses just now but at least someone has found it constructive .

13/12/17. Snow and hard frosts seem to be the norm at present . Hope it clears soon so we can get some golf !

Monday, 6 November 2017

November 2017

6/11/17. Digger in to clean out pond at 10th .

6/11/17. All vegetation will be taken out . Pond wasn't drained to help minimise the wildlife impact on doing this work.
9/11/17 . Both our deep aeration machines have been out de compacting the Fairways on Hawkshill. 7" depth. 

6/11/17. Forest  removal to the right of 15th is nearly finished . Good to see some light coming through to this part of the course in a morning , normally it would be in the shade all day as sun is too low at this time of the year. 
13/ 11/17 . Badgers at this time of year can be very disruptive to turf  digging for grubs and worms . 

14/11/17. Put up hoops to deter golfers from walking over the weak turf to give grass a chance of recovery  only for badgers to rip it up .
14/11/17. Spraying on a turf hardener for the winter months. Iron , Calcium ,and Potassium , with a little added penetrant wetting agent to help water travel downwards through the soil profile.
16/11/17. Staff removing branches that are hanging down too low on pine ,birch and alder trees.
20/11/17. Channel drain installed on the path at the 11th on Swailend .
21/11/17. Finished drain at the 11th path on Swailend.

16/11/17. All lower branches are removed to make it easier to cut around and for golfers to play away from .

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

October 2017 cont..

16/10/17. New matted path from 6th green on Swailend through to the 7th tee.This is to save the area beside bunker and the tee banking getting damaged .
16/10/17. Trees in woodland right of the 15th hole slowly getting taken down.
23/10/17.We have  Chris pearson aeration services  in with his Air 2 go machine this week  . This machine pushes three 12" inch length probes into the rootzone of the green then pressurised air is forced out creating a fracturing effect , which breaks up compaction. Probes are a metre apart . Both courses are going to be done . 

27.10.17. This article is related to a ban by the European union on the chemical used to control worm casts . This will cast up a lot of issues with Greenkeping course presentation . (pardon the pun)
26/10/17.One of our staff Dennis Grant is part of a new initiative to get young greenkeepers more educated in all aspects of greenkeeping by ways of better training and education. YGC (young greenkeepers committee ) was lauched at Auchterarder golf club where Dennis was part of a 4 man team to promote this aim. There was also a course walk on the Gleneagles courses  by the Head Greenkeepers there ,