Friday, 14 July 2017

July 2017

27/7/17. Verti cutting greens on Hawkshill.
27/7/17. Double pass on greens .
15/7/17. New weather station now up and running , ready to monitor and store useful information .
27/7/17 . Verti cutting helps to aid vertical growth of grass , cutting of horizontal blades of grass , removes seed heads  . this will help speed up greens , and creates a smoother putting surface .
27/7/17. Brushing greens will lift up any seed heads and grass that was missed by verti cutting .

27/7/17. After brushing Greens , they were cut again .
31/7/17. Terraspiking greens on Hawkshill . 8mm solid tines going in at 72 depth .

31.7.17, This Aeration work is vitally important in keeping grass healthy, promoting better root development , better drainage , and airing the rootzone .

31.7/17. To check the working depth of the  machine , we use a tie wrap which inserted into the  tine hole gives us a measurement , then we put it up against the depth sticker on the machine.

31/7/17. Topdressing greens . 
31/7/17. Brushing in the Topdressing. .

31/7/17. Checking depth with a tie wrap.

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