Monday, 4 September 2017

September 2017

10/9/17 .All worth it in the end to see the local team pull through to win this title . well played lads .
Some nice comments from the players.
8/9/17. Both courses were getting used on Friday and tee off 7.30am so meant 5am starts .

8/9/17, Early morning for the staff on Friday , just as well we had both lights on .
10/9/17, Great week just a pity the rain tried to spoil the week.
4/9/17. Scottish area team championships this week . Hopefully weather plays ball .Courses were looking good at the weekend with greens running very nice .

8/9/17. Being a Greenkeeper does have some perks :-) . Beautiful skies this morning.

12/9/17 . Double scarification of the greens on Swailend .

12/9/17. This will help remove any thatch that's built up and cuts open any moss that is visible .

13/0/17, Weather station rain gauge this morning at 9am . This is the rain fall since start of August when the Weather station was set up. 185mm of rain ( 7 and a 1/2 inches of rain +.

14/9/17. No end to the rain at present . This was at 9am 
14/9/17. This is the 15th fairway on Swailend .

19/9/17. Rain gauge  shows 216.7mm of rain from start of August (when weather station was installed) to now. That's a serious amount of rain .

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