Wednesday, 30 November 2016

2016/ 2017 Winter work on both courses

17/11/16.  3rd bunker on Hawkshill completed . It now has a reduced face.

17/11/16   New edge all the way around.

17/11/16.  New sand added.

02/11/16.  During Renovation.

8/11/16  .Revetted face getting built.

17/11/16 . With lowered face it makes  pin positions more visible.

 16th Greenside Bunker on Hawkshill.
11/11/16 .Lowering face , first job is removal of turf.

11/11/16. Removal of soil , 12 inch taken off top.
17/11/16  . Turf laid back down.

17/11/16 .  Finished bunker.
Reinstating path surface outside club after water burst.
28/11/16. 50mm concrete base  being put down on top of sub base.

29/11/16 . Nearly complete

28/11/16 .Rubber crumb will be laid on top of concrete to a depth of 20mm .
Weather permitting the surface will be done on 12th December.
30/11/2016. Top box tee at the 9th Hawkshill  getting levelled , Screening boards are put in .

01/12/2016 . Screening done , now ready for turfing.

02/12/16 .Turf that was taken off at beginning now being laid back down.

02/12/16 .Good to get back on the greens for a hand cut after a prolonged frost . 18th Hawkshill .

30/11/16  Bottom box tee at the 9th Hawkshill , getting levels put in.
30/11/16 This tee was the worst one  out of the four box tees at the 9th.

21/11/16 Tree felling . Invasive Fir trees which were killing of the Scots Pines and Birch , were taken down.

5th Hawkshill
30/11/16 .Tree plantations getting thinned out to the right of 5th tee , this will aid  air movement.

6/12/16 . Making up winter tee markers for Hawkshill. The log markers we have on course will be taken in to get varnished .
6/12/16 . 18th bunker on Hawkshill . Away to get a new edge put in and slightly re modified .

6/12/16 .8th greenside bunker on Hawkshill  getting new edge put in .

6/12/16. A firm base is required for the turf wall to be built , so all sand on the new edge has to be removed.
7/12/16 . 4th tee on Swailend . Turf removal .
7/12/16 .Turf removed and now ready for the digger work to begin.
8/12/16 .Digger on 4th tee Swailend putting in a irrigation track.

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