Friday, 9 December 2016

Winter work

9/12/16 . 9th  Box tee on Hawkshill (next to sheds) getting screened .

9/12/16 .Good to see staff happy at their work .

8/12/16 .Tees on Hawkshill getting deep spiked , This is the 4th tee.


This is good for drainage ,air movement and to promote better root development.
13/12/16 . Hawkshill , Lower box tee at 9th next to sheds nearly completed.

13/12/16. Turf removed from the two middle box tees at 9th Hawkshill .

9/12/16 .Spraying the greens on Hawkshill through the winter ( 4 applications) .This is a turf hardener to keep grass strong enough to fight off disease it also  gives grass a nice colour and promotes  a quicker grass response at the start of Spring.

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