Friday, 16 December 2016

December Winter works

16/12/16 , Our mechanic Jock Servicing , Sharpening and Repairing machines. 

16/12/16. Hand cutting greens on Hawkshill  in December ,unbelievable conditions just now .

16/12/16. Greens look amazing .

16/12/16. Members making the most of the good conditions while they last . 

12/12/16 .The path outside clubhouse down to first tee has now been finished  .

14/12/16, 9th tees on Hawkshill. Irrigation getting moved over to outside edge of tee , this will help save sprinklers getting accidentally  hit with aeration tines . Also this will give more teeing area that can be used,. (no more sprinklers between markers on these tees).

8/12/16. Drains being installed between tees at 9th Hawkshill  beside Greenkeepers shed . 
16/12/16. Fairway mower had to come out of winter hibernation to cut some fairways on Hawkshill as they were starting to merge with the rough . 

16/12/16. 18th fairway on Hawkshill
19/12/16 . New sprinkler attachment being installed to the side of box tee at the 9th ( near sheds)  Hawkshill
19/12/16. Turf getting removed from 12th tee Hawkshill . This tee will be levelled and re shaped to allow for more teeing space.

19/12/16. Middle box tees at the 9th Hawkshill . Irrigation fittings . New (MDPE) pipe being attached to old (PVC)  pipe with sprinkler attachement at the end .
21/12/16. 2nd hole on Hawkshill , turf getting taken off area that is away to be renovated .The first bunker will be removed and replaced by fairway which will swing in front of the second bunker(now to be the first bunker) . The bunker round the corner will be raised in order to make it more visible from tee. 

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