Wednesday, 4 October 2017

October 2017

3/10/17. Total rain fall since start of August. 252.7mm

3/10/17 . Chris Lamb does well at Greenkeeper National Championships.
4/10/17. Trees behind 16th tee (in forrest) getting taken down by the forestry commission. This will make a big difference to the sun light coming onto the tees and 15th green.
9/10/17. Hollow coring started on Hawkshill . Some problems with some cores not coming out of the ground . As August and September were particularly wet the ground conditions were slightly damp ; which caused cores to be sucked back into the ground (like a vacumn) , and not taken out by the tine . We were then held up due to changing the tines from top eject tines to side eject tines.We got going and staff were putting there own touch to clearing the greens very artistic patterns the guys were making :-) 

10/10/17. Eventually we got going and with a good team effort we managed to get all Hawkshill done and then started  Swailend .
Top tine is a top eject hollow tine and the bottom one is a side eject hollow tine .
11/10/17. Updated weather station readings . This is from the start of August when I installed the station.

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