Tuesday, 17 October 2017

October 2017 cont..

16/10/17. New matted path from 6th green on Swailend through to the 7th tee.This is to save the area beside bunker and the tee banking getting damaged .
16/10/17. Trees in woodland right of the 15th hole slowly getting taken down.
23/10/17.We have  Chris pearson aeration services  in with his Air 2 go machine this week  . This machine pushes three 12" inch length probes into the rootzone of the green then pressurised air is forced out creating a fracturing effect , which breaks up compaction. Probes are a metre apart . Both courses are going to be done . 

27.10.17. This article is related to a ban by the European union on the chemical used to control worm casts . This will cast up a lot of issues with Greenkeping course presentation . (pardon the pun)
26/10/17.One of our staff Dennis Grant is part of a new initiative to get young greenkeepers more educated in all aspects of greenkeeping by ways of better training and education. YGC (young greenkeepers committee ) was lauched at Auchterarder golf club where Dennis was part of a 4 man team to promote this aim. There was also a course walk on the Gleneagles courses  by the Head Greenkeepers there ,

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