Monday, 6 November 2017

November 2017

6/11/17. Digger in to clean out pond at 10th .

6/11/17. All vegetation will be taken out . Pond wasn't drained to help minimise the wildlife impact on doing this work.
9/11/17 . Both our deep aeration machines have been out de compacting the Fairways on Hawkshill. 7" depth. 

6/11/17. Forest  removal to the right of 15th is nearly finished . Good to see some light coming through to this part of the course in a morning , normally it would be in the shade all day as sun is too low at this time of the year. 
13/ 11/17 . Badgers at this time of year can be very disruptive to turf  digging for grubs and worms . 

14/11/17. Put up hoops to deter golfers from walking over the weak turf to give grass a chance of recovery  only for badgers to rip it up .
14/11/17. Spraying on a turf hardener for the winter months. Iron , Calcium ,and Potassium , with a little added penetrant wetting agent to help water travel downwards through the soil profile.
16/11/17. Staff removing branches that are hanging down too low on pine ,birch and alder trees.
20/11/17. Channel drain installed on the path at the 11th on Swailend .
21/11/17. Finished drain at the 11th path on Swailend.

16/11/17. All lower branches are removed to make it easier to cut around and for golfers to play away from .

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