Friday, 12 January 2018

January 2018

10/1/18. First of all the Greenstaff would like to wish all the members a Happy New Year and hope you all have a good season .
This is our first Drainage job this Winter it is the 18th fairway on Swailend . 

11/1/18. First we cleared a gap in the tress then set about the task with a 6 ton digger hired in from PTM plant hire.

11/1/18. We removed the turf from the surface ,then we dug out the first 10 inches of soil which we can reuse . Then subsoil is taken out to the required depth and run of the drain. We use the laser level to work this out .
12/1/18. We are steadily working along track which started at the 11th path.
12/1/18. As we work along the drain , the staff lay 2 inches of 10mm pea crete along the bottom of track to form a gravel bed in which to lay the pipes on .
16/1/18. Drainage works on the 18th hole . As you can see we have most of the laterals done now , the main drain has been taking slightly longer to do due to the collapsing of sides , this was because the frost was coming out of the ground and there was blue clay. Some clearing up to do in some areas especially in the trees as was difficult to get to with stones. . Length of all drains was 590m .
23/1/18. 15th Approach on Swailend getting the works , 16 lateral drains linked into main drain . This area for years has been extremely wet , but not anymore. Total metres of drains was 280m

30/1/18. We are now working at the 16th Fairway on Swailend , as you can see from picture there was some big stones in the way. 

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