Friday, 9 February 2018

February 2018

23/2/18. Pump in to take out water from pond at the 9th Hawkshill. 

23/2/18. The collapsed wall can be seen in the distance . Builder due in on Monday the 26th , so just getting ahead of the game .

21/2/18. Staff hard at it working on the drains at the 18th hole on Swailend .
22/2/18. Satff are working on the fairway area first.
22/2/18. Edging the drains , then soil/sand mix put down and finally turf laid on top .
15/2/18. 11th Green on Hawkshill . Not what I like to see in mid February with thick ice lying on a green .With ground  frozen underneath and  then the rain freezing on the top of that it creates this picture  . all I can say to this is roll on the Summer.

5/2/18. Drains at the 15th and 16th on Swailend have now all  been edged .

6/2/18. Staff have now edged all drains at the 15th on Swailend and put on top a 40mm covering of a sand soil mix , so now all ready for turfing . This will mean when main greens go on this hole is back in play.

5/2/18. The ground was difficult to dig through at times but we go there  .

5/2/18. Digger now at the 2nd on Hawkshill . This is at the corner of dogleg . We found a damaged pipe which was holding the water back in this area , it has now been fixed and now we are extending drain to the start of the fairway and putting in 4 laterals as well. 

1/2/18. This is the 15th on Swailend . Staff are in the process of piping drains and then backfilling them with 20mm stones.

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