Friday, 2 March 2018

March 2018

7/3/18. Rutting on path at the 9th due to the flooding.
7/3/18. Not what you like to see in March .

9/3/18. Reinforced wall getting built at the 5th tee wall.Stones get built in front of this.
9/3/18. This is a fair job . Shutters going in for the cement foundation.

12/3/18. Foundation now in.

22/3/18. Good to see wall at 9th finished .
6/3/18. Not the best start to March , This bad Winter has definitely had an impact on our Maintenance program .
1/3/18. Digging drain up right of the 16th hole on Hawkshill. 

1/3/18. This drain is 130mts  long .

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