Monday, 16 January 2017

Frost Policy and more winter work.

17/01/17. New shape of 12th tee. More rectangular.

18/01/17. 12th tee Hawkshill . Drain going in along edge of tee. Irrigation pipe will go in along side.   

18/01/17. 18th bunker Hawkshill . Turfing going down on bankings .

18/01/17. New shape is looking good/

18/01/17. Once turf has been laid all the way around , sand then gets pushed up the sides of face so balls will run down into the bunker.
19/01/17. Turfing now done.

19/01/17. Drains all dug out on 12th tee Hawkshill , away to be filled with 20mm crete,

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