Monday, 30 January 2017

January 2017 winter works

30/1/17. Swailend 11th hole .Drainage track down left rough , this will be the main drain on this hole ( 225mm pipe ) which will connect to the big main drain  (300mm pipe) that runs down from 6th hole to the pond at 8th

30/1/17. Staff have been hard at it today . 

30/1/17. Two dumpers going , this keeps the digger busy.

30/1/17. Staff all wrapped up . Temperatures were at -7oc in the morning.  

30/1/17. Laterals with (100mm piping) will be attached to the main drain from the fairway.

30/1/17. The drains on the fairway will remove the surface water that has been an issue on this hole. 

30/1/17. Drainage coil piping all positioned ready to be installed.

30/1/17. Callum from PTM PLANT HIRE  doing a fantastic job . 

30/1/17.  As you can see its a long main drain  (240m long) .

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