Friday, 6 January 2017

Winter work January 2017

5/1/17 . Middle box tees at 9th  on Hawkshill . Turf removed and soil getting cultivated .

5/1/17 . After cultivating soil, levels are set , then screening boards are  put in.

6/1/17. 18th Bunker Hawkshill  on the right hand side of green. New revetted  face getting done. Shape changed slightly . 

6/1/17. Area to the right hand side of  bunker getting filled in as was difficult to keep sand up face . kept getting washed down.. 

6/1/17 . This will make this area easier to cut and manage .

09/1/17. Forward box tee at the 9th Hawkshill , screening has been finished now  ready for turfing

11/1/17. Middle box tee at the 9th Hawkshill, Turf  was removed and cultivated with  more soil added to bring up levels. Screening boards now to go in.
16/1/17. Hawkshill 9th tee . Existing turf that was laid aside is now  getting put back down on forward box tee .

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