Friday, 10 March 2017

March work.

15/3/17. Tee at the 4th on Swailend  getting screened (levelling).

15/3/17. Bankings at the 4th tee on Swailend also getting landscaped .
15/3/17. 12th tee on Hawkshill getting screened . Turf for the top of the tee will arrive on Tuesday , and will be laid down  on the Wednesday .
15/3/17.Drainage work on the 12th hole on Hawkshill getting started .

15/3/17.12th Hole Hawkshill . Lateral from edge of fairway into side drain that runs up length of the hole in the rough .

16/3/17. Hawkshill 12th . Root break areas , turf removed as all thatched up . These areas of thatched grass act like a sponge and hold water so they never dry out and are always podgy .

12th hole rough on Hawkshill. Root break areas removed ,drain put in . These areas will be soiled up and re turfed.
16/3/17. Bunker at 10th Swailend finished , sand in play with the turf being Gur.

Please note that Fairway mats on the Hawkshill course  will no longer be required from Saturday the 25th of March.

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