Sunday, 5 March 2017

March Flooding on swailend

5/3/17. After heavy persistent rain on the Saturday the pond at the 8th spilled over and water gathered on the 9th hole .

5/3/17. As you can see from picture there was no way through.

5/3/17. Even in front of 11th tee there was no way through .

5/3/17. On a more positive note the drainage work on the 11th hole has worked extremely well .

5/3/17 . This area would normally be under water as well.

5/3/17. This is the area in front of the greenside bunkers at the 3rd hole.
8/3/17. Bunker at the 10th hole on Swailend . The face has now been finished , and now surrounds are  in the process of getting turfed.

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