Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Winter works March 2017

1/3/17. Bunker around corner of dogleg at 2nd (Hawkshill) getting started. Foundation getting dug out ready for revetted face to be built.

1/3/17. Bunker at 2nd Hawkshill now completed .
1/3/17. This is the view looking back to tee from the now first bunker on corner of 2nd  as you can see the original first bunker has gone.
1/3/17. Staff now starting the second bunker, which is  round the corner of dogleg at the 2nd hole .
27/2/17. Bunker at dogleg , revetted face getting built.
28/2/17. Turfing around the bunker.
2/3/17. 4th tee on Swailend getting levelled with digger . Bankings getting shaped and smoothed off as well.

2/3/17. Bunker at dogleg at the 2nd . Face getting started.
2/3/17. Face half done.
2/3/17. Face now finished . Just bankings around it to be landscaped . 

2/3/17. Swailend 4th tee now making progress.

2/3/17. Digger in from PTM plant hire to get levels set.
3/3/17. 4th tee (Swailend)  bankings getting shaped up .

2/3/17. As you can see top of tee and bankings coming together nicely .

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