Friday, 31 March 2017

April 2017

1/4/17. Please Repair Pitch marks and rake bunkers , repairing pitch marks will help to keep a smoother putting surface and help damaged grass to recover quicker. Raking bunkers after use by pushing sand back over tracks as you come out of the bunker (don't rake the sand with you ) , this helps keep the sand from building up at edges . Keeping bunkers raked will help the next player if they land in the bunker (nothing worse than landing in unraked tracks) .  
This is a video showing the correct way to rake a bunker , please can you use this technique when out on the courses please. Thank you , this helps other members and the Greenstaff  ;-) . If you stay on the link you will move onto other key videos regarding a golf course , like repairing your pitch marks .
3/4/17. A big thank you to all the volunteers who done a fantastic job over the weekend by cleaning around clubhouse, shoe cleaner ,buggies and bins , picking up balls on the range and spot raking bunkers on swailend for medal . They deserve a mention , so thank you to Manson Merchant, Mike Macleod , Paul Henderson and Andrew Chan .

3/4/17. Steps at the 12th hole on  Swailend needed some attention.

3/4/17. So now they have  been sorted .

8/4/17. Both sets of steps have been sorted at the 12th tees on Swailend and new anti slip grip cladding been put on . 

8/4/17. Swailend 4th tees getting a good water .
A big thank you to the two volunteers over the last 2 weekends . Graham Gordon for cleaning around the clubhouse on Sunday the 9th and Mike Macleod for picking up balls on the range on Sunday 16th .

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